Student Conference Travel Awards

The Society endeavours to encourage student participation in its Annual Conference by offering travel assistance to current student members.

Applications for travel awards should reach the NZSE Secretary no later than 2 weeks before the conference starting date. The awards, which will reflect actual travel and accommodation costs to the student, are given at the discretion of the Executive Council and are not expected to exceed $500.

To be eligible, the student must be both the first and presenting author on a conference abstract describing research conducted at least in part at a New Zealand-based institution.

Once awarded an NZSE travel grant (either domestic or international), recipients will not be eligible to submit an application for another NZSE travel grant for a 12 month period.


Applications should adhere to the following formatting guidelines (1 page maximum):

  • Name
  • Postal and email address
  • Degree and university currently enrolled in
  • Title and authors of abstract to be presented
  • Applicants NZSE membership subscription payment status
  • Previous awards from NZSE
  • Financial details: (a) total amount sought, and (b) breakdown of costs
  • Other financial support applied for/obtained
  • Statement from supervisor or head of department that the applicant is currently enrolled in a university degree programme
  • Contact details for supervisor or HOD

Please submit your application to our contact email